The geometry of the ACS PRO 2 bike carrier provides a quick and easy installation to your car. The bike carrier is made of a combination of solid metal and high impact resistant plastic.


  ACS PRO - 2 Bicycle Carrier It comes ready to use without any screwing. It is ready to apply to your vehicle as soon as you take it out of the box. 

With its Special Latch Lever mechanism, it does not take time to set up and fold. Bicycle carrier can be folded in one motion. Thanks to its specially formulated material, it works for years without wearing out. It is easily installed in a short time like 3 minutes with its latching system without the need for any tools and power. 


  ACS PRO - 2 Bicycle Carrier Made of  Thermoplastic, the bicycle holder clamps and tires securely wrap your bikes with their soft rubber type structure. It is easy to use and safe. It has been tested for your safety.

         It allows you to transport up to two bikes up to 30Kg easily and safely.


 ACS PRO - 2 Bicycle Carrier Special fastening belt comes out of the box for you to carry your bikes safely. 



 The corners of the ACS PRO - 2 Bicycle Carrier Hooks are softened and coated with a soft coating to increase grip and prevent scratching.


  The surfaces in contact with your vehicle in ACS PRO - 2 Bicycle Carrier are made of thick rubber material that does not cause special scratches, it does not harm your vehicle in any way and can be used for a long time without wearing out.


   Thanks to its foldable structure, ACS PRO - 2 Bike Carrier can be stored in its box when you are done without taking up space.


 Box contents :

1 x 2 bike carrier 
4 plastic straps
2 pedal protection sponges
1 red tension belt
1 user manual

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